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Ever since Robinsons submitted their development plans to the District Council, Keep Ulverston Special has been investigating, in depth, all the issues around it.

We have studied in detail all of the claims and facts around planning, conservation, traffic and the impact of superstores on market towns, and we have pored over the claims made by Robinsons, their developers and their various consultants in the documents they have put into the public domain.

The result of this detailed work is our dossier on the Old Brewery Development, which was released publicly on 13th September 2011. This 40-page document is a detailed refutation of all of the developer’s claims. It is based on detailed research and is referenced and fact-checked. We believe that it demolishes the case for the supermarket proposal.

If you want to know what is wrong with this development – or if you are unconvinced by our claims that it would be bad for the town – we hope you will read this, and make up your own mind. Most of all, we hope that SLDC’s planning committee will read it, and reflect on it. Democracy demands nothing less.